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All structures at the festival are made from recycled materials and built for long-term use by our dedicated team of architects, set designers and decorators.

Upcycling cigarette butts !

All particpants will receive a portable ashtray. Special bins will be available to empty them and all butts will be collected by an association to be later used in fiber production for insulation.



To prevent the use of thousands of plastic bottles, access to water is free and available at different spots on the festival site. Don't forget to bring your own bottle with you !


Bring your

own cup

Eco cups are now standard in all festivals, but is still disposable plastic use and ends up in bins or broken in pieces in the lands. For these reasons, your welcome to bring your own cup !


Despite all our efforts, a festival will still have a considerable carbon footprint. To compensate this, Nostromo Festival will donate a pourcentage of its revenue to various associations through the Goodplanet foundation.

Reuse of Abandoned tents

Every year, thousands of tents are left behind at festivals, ultimately being trashed, creating a huge amount of single use plastic wastes. To prevent this we work together with Donsolidaires, to donate those tents to associations helping migrants and homeless people.


Shampoo !

To avoid the use of toxic shower gel and shampoo, and reduce our impact on nature, we supply free biodegradable 2in1 shampoo and shower gel. Easier packing for you, better solution for the environment


In order to reduce your carbon footprint, Shuttles are available all day long.

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